History: My teen’s fashion and what teens wear today

History: My teen’s fashion and what teens wear today

Teens wear nearly anything which goes with the mainstream. Most of the teens have been wearing clothes from H&M, hot topic and juicy. Teens try to be up-to-date and hip every time. Recent trend of clothes among teens is the low waist skinny jeans, Nike shoes and band shirts while teenage girls like to wear colored eyeliners.

Now-a-days there is a trend of having Militant look. This look is famous mostly for the winter seasons. Different type of vests, braids, bold buttons and navy blue color, all are in fashion.

Teenagers also like to have a futuristic, super hero type look and thus want to wear short decorated jackets, collar dresses and different type of interesting designs. This fashion has been introduced by many fashion designers so teenagers are attracted towards it often.

Clothes having a velvet touch with embroidered flowers might take out sensuality and romance in one’s outfit. For this style achievement, black might be the best color with a combination of gilded buttons which can be seen in Christian Lacroix, Alexander McQueen and Givenchy.

All the above discussion was related to “what teen like to wear today (winter clothing)” but with the extension of this discussion I would like to compare today’s teenage fashion to my teen’s fashion.

Teen’s fashion in 1990’s (my teen time) was greatly influenced by grunge music. Due to the popularity of different music groups, teens liked to wear long hair and zany sneakers having splash of colors e.g. forest green and other eye catching colors like red and maroon. I also liked to wear short jackets which hugged the body. Trousers along with cargos also created a stir and were an integral part in my teen time.





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