Hi there and welcome by Lee Strasberg!

Welcome to my private page about Fashion and Shopping. My name is Lee and I’m addicted to fashion, shopping and blogging. On this site, I can combine all of it Unlike my namesake Lee Strasberg, who opened the famous drama school, I’m not very much interested in acting. However, I’m interested in the newest fashion all the Hollywood actors and popstars wear nowadays. Trends are changing so fast and most of the celebrity people are open-minded to try some extreme things – best example: Lady GaGa and her meat dress.

Hollywood Babyboom and Fashion

The coolest thing about all the celebrity mom’s is the way they dress their little ones. It’s cute to see Suri Cruise’s little princess dresses and pumps, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt’s “tomboy” style or Kingston Rossdale’s cool outfits. In the future, my plan is to have a page here about the celebrity babies styling and give tips to fellow mom’s how they can dress their children.

Latest Workwear Trends

Latest Workwear Trends

It has been interesting to see workwear change over the last couple of decades, and more recently with the increase in abstract fashion styles to see how it affected the clothing worn at work and while on the job. Obviously this article does not focus on the entire workgroup, because different jobs require different clothing, but it will zoom in on a few individual groups that workwear trends are very obvious. For example, if you walk into most grocery stores you are sure to see cashiers with either polo shirts that advertise the store that...

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